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Things To Consider When Hiring for Landscaping Cumming GA

There are many points of consideration when hiring a landscaping or lawn maintenance company for your next landscape project or weekly lawn care.  You want to ensure you are selecting a reputable, capable, professional, and reliable company that can meet all of your needs.  At Landscaping Cumming GA, we pride ourselves on providing the most professional service while also delivering outstanding quality and value on a consistent basis with all of our customers.

We Operate One of the Best Landscaping Companies in Cumming GA

Not all landscaping companies are created equal.  Unfortunately, the landscaping industry in Georgia includes many amateurs and “weekend warriors” trying to make a few extra dollars by advertising their landscaping capabilities.  The outcome of hiring someone like this to do your landscaping work for you is obvious – often poorly completed and lengthy projects that never quite fulfill customers’ expectations.  We highly recommend that you choose a professional service such as Landscaping Cumming GA to ensure quality and timely work on your next landscaping project or your weekly lawn maintenance.

Need the Best Landscaping in Cumming GA?

Landscaping Cumming GA offers many different services, including Lawn Maintenance, Landscape Design and Implementation, and Hardscape Design and Implementation.

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Landscaping Cumming GA offers competitive lawn care services with many billing options available.  The majority of our customers opt for weekly service, including grass cutting, edging, hedge trimming, lawn aeration, and finally clipping clean up with our state-of-the-art leaf blowers.  We know that our customers do not want to have their lawn cut only to see grass clippings and debris all over their driveway and street – we pride ourselves on clean service!  Hedge trimming is another important service as it prevents our customers from the painstaking task of shaping hedges and shrubs on a weekly basis – leave that to us!

Hire the Most Experienced Landscaper in Cumming GA

Landscaping Cumming GA offers a wide array of landscaping services including (but not limited to) sod installation, seasonal planting, drainage solutions, mulch and pine straw installation, privacy trees, general landscape design and installation, and yard cleanup services.

Our sod installation services are the best you will find in the area.  We follow a proven 7-step model to ensure your sod installation project is done in the most effective and long-lasting way possible. We first test the soil and choose the appropriate grass, measure to ensure you aren’t over-paying for the sod, kill/remove any old grass, prep the soil and level as necessary, lay and roll out the new sod, and provide watering and fertilization instructions to the homeowner.  In a few weeks, your grass will be the envy of the entire neighborhood!

Seasonal planting is one of our most requested services.  We can assist in choosing the right types of plants and flowers for your yard and ensure that the entire look of the exterior of your home looks and feels “right” with your chosen flowers/plants.  This is a very customer-specific service, so call us and we will stop by to do a customized evaluation and discuss the options available to you.

Landscaping Cumming GA also offers drainage solutions to our customers.  If you have an area of your yard that consistently backs-up with excess water, one of our custom drainage solutions may be exactly what you need.  We will assist with erosion control and French drain installation that suits your needs – just call us for a consultation today.

Mulch and Pine Straw installation is another one of our most sought-after services.  We have some of the most competitive prices on these services and recommend having this done twice a year to ensure your yard looks beautiful year-round!

Landscape Design and Installation Cumming GA

General landscape design and installation is our bread-and-butter, just tell us what you are looking for and we will provide detailed options to choose from.  Our experience will help you decide what will best suit your specific needs and we will help with a customized solution for you.  Whether you need privacy trees to make your backyard more private or you just installed a pool and are not sure how to design the landscaping around it, we can help you – just call us today!

In the Fall, yard clean-up services are another must-have service that we are happy to provide.  Leaf clean-up is a tedious task for homeowners, so why not have the professionals at Landscaping Cumming GA do the work for you?

Hardscape Design and Installation Cumming GA

Landscaping Cumming GA specializes in all types of hardscape design and installation projects.  Whether you are looking for a retaining wall, a new patio, a custom walkway, or just need to spruce-up an existing backyard design, we are your go-to choice for these services in the north Atlanta metro area.

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For More Information About Selecting the Right Landscaping Company, Check Out the National Association of Landscape Professionals website.

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